Wednesday, February 2, 2011


  Famous is an interesting word because it encompasses so many types of people including actors, astronauts, athletes, cowboys, dancers, explorers, heroes, Indians,  the notorious,  philanthropists, politicians, singers, military personnel, writers, veterans and the list might never have an end.  It is easily said that there has been an unusual number of famous that hail from the great state of Oklahoma. I would not hesitate that any reader of this text could easily name numerous of these people, even if they have never stepped foot in the state.
  What is it about Oklahoma that seems to produce such an abundance of over achievers?  Possibly it is partially it's history of territories, No Man's Land, and land runs; possibly it is it's beautiful plains, pastures, vast wooded areas and countless lakes; but most likely it is the very heart of it's people.
  There is something that is just different about Oklahomans. A really good example is April 19, 1995 when the bomb went off next to the federal building in downtown Oklahoma City.  Volunteers were so numerous immediately that some had to find other ways to serve, blood donation lines were so long within hours of the event that you couldn't drive down some of the streets of the surrounding towns for the people waiting to give, and national tv news anchors that flew in couldn't believe there were no looters.  Mention the event even today and people show pain in their faces, not just for themselves but for others!
  Oklahomans truly represents the heart of our nation and it's care for others. It's   the pulse that quickens when they present the Red, White and Blue.  I think that is the reason you have occasion to hear that statement, "Oh yes, from Oklahoma!"

Friday, November 5, 2010


Keller Williams Realy, 1773 Garth Brooks Blvd., 73099
Yukon, Oklahoma has many claims to fame of human source, but while researching the community to write a series of blogs, none was as fun as that of  Grady the cow. Apparently she came to newspaper and magazine fame in 1949 after becoming entrapped in a silo.

The 6 year old cow panicked after being treated by a vet because of a still birth  and dove for the only light she could see which was a  17" x 25" opening to the silo. The farmer put a plea in the local news paper for someone to come up with an idea of how to get the cow out as the silo was new and very expensive.

People all across the country got involved with suggestions and people from all over drove in and flew in to see the cow stuck in a silo. Finally, she was extracted due to the inventive idea of the farming editor of the Denver Post who actually came himself to help get Grady out.

Grady had become so popular that she became a huge attraction on Route 66 for many years.  The silo was apparently only torn down to build our new hospital in 2001. You might say that they are still saving lives at the old silo location, lol, or is that too much of a pun?